Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bow holder

Custom bow holder to match a sweet little girl's bedroom.  The customer requested pink and white polka dots with just a flower.  I think it turned out super cute.  Email me for bow holder prices.  

*excuse the shadows on the lefthand side of the picture.  


April Kay said...

Hey! I've been thinking about Mason's frame... I think it may even look cute with just a solid lime green background and leopard print ribbon. Then it would be cute to add a wood monkey thang with the other 2 colors tied in, aqua & chocolate brown. Then you won't have to worry about stripes. And I have so many polka dots and stripes in the nursery, that it'll be a nice change to just have solid lime green. That's just a suggestion! You can do whatever you think would be cute. Or even someting random like argyle would look cute thrown in somewhere!! A bright lime green frame would look so cute and really pop displayed on Mason's cherry wood furniture.

Blessed said...


Souds adorable! I did find a monkey yesterday, but he just wasn't that cute. I am going to keep looking. I agree with you! Solid lime green and leopard sounds great! Let me try to find a cute monkey and I'll get started! :)